About Us

Present Struggles

Despite living in a electronically driven world, today more, than 80% of businesses (especially SMEs) are reliant on paper-based methods. Too often, it is noticed that modern companies also still use out-dated processes because of the long-running habits they contain. This results in huge resource consumption, time consumption, thereby affecting the bottom line of the organizations.

Also, more than 37% of SMEs face issues where agreements are either signed by the wrong person or are not appropriately reviewed. It pertains further in confusion and sometimes illegal ways of using these wet signatures. There is no reliable and secure way to establish the contracts made between two parties regularly.

Our Solutions 

KONZE presents KONSIGN- which helps eliminate these paper-based processes that are slow and error-prone by automating them fully and linking it to all the relevant systems that are in use for the signing process. KONSIGN developed this platform for its users to get a dynamic and personalized way of documentation, attaining to more customer relationships and flourish the business henceforth.

With comprehensive security tools at work like SSL encryption and AWS server, your data stays 100% safe & secure. Being combined with Cloud Technology, offers e-signing almost on any device at any time and from anywhere. We equally emphasize upon having privacy practices to safeguard the interest of our users & to take the consent on their primary tasks.

Our Focus 

KONSIGN is on a mission to accelerate business and simplify life for companies and people around when it comes to paperwork processes. Thus, we have pioneered the e-signature technology, and today KONSIGN targets to help organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act, and manage their agreements. We intend on changing the way companies work with documents, specifically improving an organization's document workflow to manage their revenues more productively. This helps to send one document to multiple parties upon deciding hierarchy in one go, thus reducing dependency on manual processes & paperwork!

In KONSIGN, we aim at conserving papers mainly, which is a very need of the hour for preserving our Environment. Paper management and disposal is also a problematic operation in terms of polluting the environment. Lesser the pollution, the better we prevent the global warming effects. Our efforts are to conserve this total energy and protect the environment in healthier ways.

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Hundreds of people over several countries use E-signature to accelerate their business processes and to simplify their lives further. Then why miss a chance on one of the world's best way of signing electronically? Connect & Sign with KONSIGN!