Privacy Policy

Welcome to Konsign Privacy Policy

Safeguarding your privacy is the top-most priority at KONSIGN.The Privacy Policy states how KONSIGN Inc. (hereby referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”) collects & uses both personal & non-personal information from existing & potential customers (hereby referred to as “you”, “your”, “yours”, “Customer”, “User”) who access our website KONSIGN.COM (“the Website”). When a customer agrees to utilize the electronic services (“the Services”) provided on or through our website, the said person automatically agrees to our Privacy Policy & Terms of Use. Not just that, this statement also lets the customers know of their privacy rights & how the law can protect them. This Privacy Policy is not applicable to other third-party websites or apps including those which are linked to our Services.

KONSIGN provides electronic signature services on-demand which includes uploading, acknowledging & finalizing of documents to show the existence of an electronic transaction. For carrying out the aforesaid correctly, information, as provided by the users, is collected and recorded whereby the authenticity of a transaction & all the parties involved is verified.

Even though we have tried to keep this Privacy Policy as simple as possible, some of the words mentioned herein are technical in nature, which you may not be familiar with. In case of queries, reach out to us using the details provided at the end of this Privacy Policy. We recommend you read the entire policy to make sure that you are well-informed. We may also revise this policy from time to time and will post the most current version on the Website. If a revision reduces your rights considerably, we will notify you using the registered email.

  1. Collecting Information
  2. Using Collected Information
  3. Protecting Information
  4. Information Sharing
  5. Disclaimer

1. Collecting Information

We at KONSIGN collect sufficient information for carrying out our electronic services. This information may be personal or non-personal in nature collected either directly, automatically or through third parties.

Information Collected Directly
While registering for the services provided by KONSIGN Inc. we collect information which is directly provided by you. For example, when you sign-up on our site for using our services, we ask you for your E-mail ID & password, billing address, business details (if applicable – including name, address etc.), personal contact information (for multi-factor authentication purposes) and/or your electronic signature. You may also choose to provide personal information about other individuals (who may or may not be our customers) when you decide to use our workflow transaction for sending and/or receiving electronic signatures. Any such other individual may be able to view & e-sign the document, but the download feature will only be available once they sign-up for our services.
However, if you decide to not provide us with certain information, you shall not be able to use all of our services effectively.
Even when you decide to use only a part of our service (leave comments, share information, refer to a friend, etc.), you are providing us with information for our consideration.
Information Collected Automatically
Certain information is automatically provided by your browser when you visit the Website. This includes data about the operating system version you use when accessing our service, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, domain servers, referring URLs, type of device you are accessing the site from, information about your precise geolocation and your usage data (such as weblogs, time spent on a URL, etc.). We also utilize cookies, which contains small amounts of text information downloaded in the device you use, to collect current session information w.r.t. your browser preferences which in turn help us serve tailored advertisements as well as improve user experience.
Information Collected Indirectly Through Third Parties

We collect additional information about you from third parties so that the said additional information might assist us to maintain & improve our services only to serve you better. Like:-

Google Analytics which makes use of cookies and other tracking technologies, indirectly allowing us to gather usage data to improve our products and services accordingly.
Other customers, who may want you to e-sign their electronic documents using our services, may give your name, address and other relevant information to us.

2. Using Collected Information

We use the data & information collected by us in any of the following ways:-

Provide, fix, improve & optimizes our Services and to develop new products.
Collect payments for the services provided.
Dispatch records of how you may have used our services, including purchases.
Customize your experience by understanding your usage of our products.
Send you marketing communications over email (including third party products & special events that might interest you).
Record & retain details about your electronic documents - such as viewing authority, details about the signees, the devices used, signature requests sent & received and other transactions.
Meet legal retention periods.
Address issues, enquiries and requests related to our services.
Provide help & support to our customers.
Provide constant updates with respect to our products and services.
Manage our platform including support systems & security.
Prevent & investigate unauthorized access and/or abuse of our services including breach of our Terms of Use & other policies.
Carry out business for legitimate & lawful purposes improvements in which shall be notified to the users from time to time.

3. Protecting Information

Our most important aim is to secure & protect the information that you provide to us. Your account is protected by the password that you entered at the time of signing-up & we request you not to disclose the same & to ensure that you log-out after each session. Furthermore, we protect your account & all your documents by implementing various technological security measures to ensure protection from unauthorized access or breach of any kind like firewalls, end-to-end encryption, SSL security etc. We also make sure that you are redirected to a secure online payment gateway to keep your information confidential & private which will store your details for future references. We shall also limit the disclosure of your personal information to our employees, affiliates, consultants and technical support staff.

KONSIGN also ensures the highest standards of data integrity which means that User Content is utilized only for delivering the service made available on our website, i.e., facilitating electronic transactions on request.

Your Rights

We at KONSIGN Inc. acknowledge the rights that our Users may exercise pertaining to their data & personal information. We allow our users to:-

Browse the website without having to mandatorily sign-up.
Provide, revise, edit or delete their personal data as entered in their user-profile on identification of a mistake or error.
Electronically sign through our services or request for e-signature from other individuals.
Self-upload documents for carrying out an electronic transaction.
Change or review their account settings.
Export & receive a copy of all their data on our platform for the usage of our services.
Access & acknowledge personal information.
Provide information of other individual(s) with whom they need to make an electronic transaction involving e-signatures.
Ask for a list of third parties who have received their information for tailored marketing.
Raise questions or complaints at any time.
opt out of receiving e-mail notifications pertaining to any marketing messages by unsubscribing.
Decline cookies & other related technology through their browser settings or by changing how Google Analytics collects & uses their information.
Choose to delete their user profile to stop using our services altogether by visiting account settings.

4. Information Sharing

We do not share, sell or trade any of the information, except as provided in this Privacy Policy, with any third parties without your explicit consent. However, we may share your information & other User content to third-party service providers, processors, marketers & vendors who are connected with KONSIGN and are performing certain services on our behalf, for example providing credit card details to carry out the online payment gateway through our payment processors. The said information shall include customer’s name, billing address, payment information which is shared under our discretion & in accordance to this Privacy Policy.
Your information may also be shared after having received your permission and consent for the same. For example, when you voluntarily allow others to access, use or edit information in your account we disclose the shared content with them.
In case you are accessing KONSIGN by virtue of being an employee within an organization – for example or – then changes can be made into your profile or account by that particular company or organization.
Any public information that you are posting through our website shall be made available for others to view. For example, comments on our community forums or testimonials which may identify as you can be read & collected by other users. Similarly, your profile information can be viewed & visited by others, unless you would like to make this information private, in which case you may have to change your account settings.
We are only aiming to use the information provided by the users to augment communication lines between KONSIGN & the end-users in the form of feedback, respond to queries, help & support.
We may be required to disclose personal information upon request from public authorities, to meet law enforcement or national security requirements. In response to requests from government officials relating to a criminal investigation or any other alleged investigation of illegal activity or fraud of intellectual property, infringement, piracy or other unlawful activity. Under such circumstances, we are authorized to disclose your name, city, state, contact number, email address, user information, usage history etc.
In case of due diligence – in the event of a business transaction involving merger or acquisition by another company & sale of all or part of our assets – Personal Information as acquired by our Users may be amongst the assets to be transferred or examined. For the same you explicitly consent that the said transfer is permitted under this Privacy Policy.
We shall notify our users from time to time, in case any changes occur to the way we share information. You may also choose to check the website occasionally to keep yourself updated.
Retention Of Information
KONSIGN only retains information as long as you have your account with us so that we may continue to provide you with optimized customer services. If you decide to delete or discontinue from using our website, we ensure you that all the personal or non-personal information that we may have shall be deleted from our servers. We will also make our best efforts to ensure that the same is done by any third-party service providers.
The time for which we retain information depends on the purpose for which it was collected and/or is required to be retained in order to comply with applicable laws.

5. Disclaimer

We at KONSIGN Inc. shall not be liable for any loss or damage sustained by reason of disclosure of any information (inadvertent or not) if it is required to be disclosed under any legislation or was affected by no fault or omission of the company.
We have the freedom of offering our services to whomever we deem fit without restriction.
At the time of registering for our services, you are accepting & acknowledging our rights to, without any limitation or qualification, collect, use, share, protect & retain your information as stated in detail above.
Read the provisions within this Privacy Policy thoroughly to understand your rights, responsibilities & liabilities under the applicable law.